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About RF Electronics Ltd. Hungary

Our firm (its hungarian name is RF Elektronikai Kft.) develops and produces radiowave equipment for security and controller purposes.

Three person founded the firm in 1992. Now the headcount is 12. Three products was our intital portfolio, now we are proud developers and manufaturers of fifteen sophisticated, state-of-the-art radiofrequency products.

All of our products has been developed in our own engineering studio. Our seasoned engineering team is supported by experienced counselors and engineers gaining day-to-day experience the field.

In the very center of our focus is the precise fulfilling of the demands and wishes of our customers. Our foundamental principle are the expedience, efficiency, and the perfect compliance to standards and regulations.

Most of our product are sold on the domestic market, but there are more and more orders from abroad. We continuously develop our products and technology to win the trust of our customers on the long run.